IvyBackup Halloween

Save Big this Halloween!

Save up to 40{56e20dd5a55359330b4b250b452a3743a77a7a23150d339ce2aca447d12630e1} on IvyBackup Home, Standard or Professional when you buy a license before 1st November 2019.

What is IvyBackup?

IvyBackup is innovative file backup software that helps you keep your files safe from data loss. It’s extremely easy to use; there is no learning curve.

What IvyBackup isn't

IvyBackup is built with speed and efficiency in mind. We believe your files are the most vulnerable component in your computer. And as such, IvyBackup does not perform system, disk or partition backups/restores. There are plenty of tools that do that well. 

What IvyBackup excels at is scheduled or event based file/folder backups. Encrypted backup jobs, reliable uploads to a remote storage service of your choice and many other options. 

How it Works

Here’s what makes IvyBackup unique.

It's Easy

IvyBackup has a modern and simple user interface. You'll be up and running in no time at all.

It's Fast

IvyBackup is built to be as fast as possible. It uses less computer resources than other tools.

It's Secure

IvyBackup keeps your backups safe and restorable, with backup tests and built-in encryption.

Main Features

Get access to the features that actually matter.

smart backups

Save time and bandwidth with differential and incremental backups; backup only the changes.

zip backups

IvyBackup uses standard ZIP files and supports Zip64 backups for very large backups.

online storage

Backup your filles to remote online storage like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive or FTP.

backup encryption

Add an extra layer of privacy by creating encrypted backups with the industry standard 256-Bit AES encryption.

Mirror backups

Create regular backups. Waste no time restoring your backups, simply open the mirrored folder.

flexible backups

Create scheduled backups, event based backups or manually start your backups with a click.

actions and filters

Include or exclude files from your backups based on a series of filter rules.

backup tests

Run backup tests to verify that your backups are still valid and can be restored.

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