2: Creating a backup job

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To create a new backup job, you can:


Select the option from the ribbon menu:

Jobs -> Add Job

Use the keyboard shortcut: CTRL+N

Right click in an empty space of the job manager and select the Add Job option.



After any of the above selections, the new job window opens:








Every job requires a title. You can also provide additional information such as a description, the type of files you are backing up etc.









To automatically run job activities, you can either create a schedule or tie your job to an event.









Actions can either be pre-backup actions or post-backup actions. You can set a variety of actions for each job.


IvyBackup currently supports the following actions: Shutdown, Logoff, Suspend, Rush Activity and Custom Commands.










Backup jobs can be set to backup based on custom filter rules.


Certain file types can be included or excluded specifically. Exclusions can also be made on a file by file basis or a folder by folder basis.









Each backup job needs source items i.e. a file or folder and a backup destination (where to save these files) to be set.

IvyBackup can also be configured to work with certain online storage services and automatically upload your backups to them.