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How to upload backups to Google Drive.

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To automatically upload your backups to your Google Drive account, follow the steps in this guide.

Note: Before you start this process, if you use a firewall application, ensure that you create an exception rule for the IvyBackup application as this will allow IvyBackup to communication with Google Drive servers.

From the top ribbon menu, under Tools, select Online Storage Accounts:

This brings up the storage accounts window. Select the Add button:

Select the Google Drive service, then Add Service to proceed.

Your default web browser will launch to the Google Drive Authentication page. Once you sign in, you’ll be asked to grant IvyBackup permission to upload your backups to your account. Select Allow:

Once you grant permission, the remote storage accounts window will be updated with details on the new account:

Once you have added your Google Drive account, you can select which jobs will upload their backups to that account’s storage. To do this, select an existing backup job and choose the edit option.

On the Locations page, select Manage Accounts option:

Once the accounts window opens, under the Google Drive section, click the Select Account button:

From there on, choose the appropriate account and click Select:

When this is done, save the job. The next time the backup job is run, the backup will be uploaded to the Google Drive storage once it is complete.