One click backup software

One click

Imagine not having to worry about losing data.

IvyBackup is backup software for your Windows computer that helps to keep your files safe from data loss.

So the next time you lose anything for any reason, you can restore it with a single click.

Remote Storage Options

Flexible Backup Software

Create scheduled, event based or manual backups.

Editing Scheduled Backups

Create schedules that run once or repeatedly.

Event Based Job Editing

Create a backup when your computer starts up, resumes power or when a storage device is connected.

Creating Manual Backups

Create a backup with one click.

Key Benefits

Here's how IvyBackup can help you keep yours files safe.

It's Easy

IvyBackup has a modern and simple user interface. You'll be up and running in a few minutes.

It's Efficient

IvyBackup saves you time by efficiently doing the things you shouldn't have to do.

It's Secure

IvyBackup keeps your backups safe and reliable with it's built-in encryption.

It's Powerful

For the times when you need something extra or want to do something custom.

Backup Software That's Easy To Customize

Customize nearly every facet of IvyBackup Backup Software to meet your backup needs.

Adding Post Backup Actions

Add actions that run before or after a backup – shutdown, log off or run a command

Adjusting Backup Job Compression Level

Adjust backup compression levels.

Editing Integrations

Create a backup from any file or folder in Windows.

Editing Backup Job Filters and Excludes

Include or exclude files based on file type or file size.

Editing Job Encryption

Keep your backups secure with 256-Bit AES encryption

Main Features

Here's what makes IvyBackup unique.

Online Storage

Backup your files to remote storage like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive or FTP.

Smart Backups

IvyBackup can save you time with smart backups by backing up only the file changes.

ZIP Backups

IvyBackup uses standard ZIP files and supports ZIP64 backups for very large backups.

Flexible Backups

Creating scheduled backups, event based backups or manually start your backups with a click.

Email Reports

Get email notifications when your backup jobs succeed or fail.

Actions & Filters

Include or exclude files from your backups based on a series of filter rules.

Backup Encryption

Create encrypted backups with the industry trusted 256-Bit AES encryption.

Backup Tests

Run backup tests to verify that your backups still work and are restorable.

Don't just take our word for it.

"Powerful and feature rich application that comes with a simple and intuitive user interface."
fatima a.
Tech Blogger, Computer Software
"Very easy to use and the available options were great for a novice who had never used a backup program before."
john h.
Online Media / Self Employed
"A way to sync files to keep them backed up across the devices in your organization."
david m.
IT Field Tech

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