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How do I edit IvyBackup settings?

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To edit IvyBackup settings, select the Options option from the tools tab:


This opens the settings window:


On the general tab, you can modify integration, temporary files, updates, and usage reporting.


  • “Launch IvyBackup minimized on startup” – This sets IvyBackup to launch in minimized mode every time your computer is started.
  • Integrate with Windows Explorer” – This sets IvyBackup to be added to the standard file and folder context menus, which appear when you click the right mouse button on a file icon in Explorer or Desktop.

Temporary Files:

IvyBackup stores temporary files in this location. If backup and restore activities fail with storage space errors, consider changing your temporary file locations.


  • Automatically update translations” – This sets IvyBackup to check for new translations when it starts.
  • Run update check when IvyBackup starts” – This sets IvyBackup to check for new versions when it starts.

Usage reporting:

  • “Help improve IvyBackup by automatically sending anonymous usage statistics and crash reports” – Help improve IvyBackup by sending anonymous usage statistics and crash reports.


On the interface tab, you can modify prompts, windows, appearance, and language settings.


This section enables or disables various prompts that are shown before an action is launched.


  • Stay on top of all other windows” – This sets IvyBackup’s Windows to be shown above all other windows.
  • Use alternating colors for odd/even rows” – This sets IvyBackup’s tables to shown data in odd/even rows to use alternating colors.
  • Show Getting Started tutorial” – This shows IvyBackup’s getting started tutorial at startup.


  • Color scheme” – This sets the user interface color scheme.
  • Accent” – This sets the user interface color scheme accent.


  • “UI Language” – This sets the user interface language.


On the logs tab, you can modify logging related settings.


  • IvyBackup stores log files here” – This sets the default log file directory.
  • Delete logs older than” – Delete log files that were created N days before the current date.
  • Delete logs larger than” – Delete log files that are larger than the given size.


On the securities tab, you can modify security related settings.


  • Enable encryption” – This enables encryption for full, differential, and incremental backups.
  • Password” – This sets the encryption password.


On the notifications tab, you can modify notification and status related settings.

Email notifications:

  • Send me an email when a job succeeds” – Select this option to receive an email whenever a job completes successfully.
  • Send me an email when a job fails” – Select this option to receive an email whenever a job fails to complete successfully.


  • Attach detailed report” – Select this option to attach the detailed PDF report with your email notification.

Desktop notifications

  • Silent mode” – Select this option to mute all desktop notification.
  • Fade notifications dialog” – Select this option to fade the notifications dialog after it completes.