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What is IvyBackup?

IvyBackup is a stress free backup tool for Windows that makes backing up your data easy. It helps you create and automate simple or complex backup tasks with more ease than ever before.

Key Features:

  • Multiple language support.
  • Job Manager.
  • Backup Manager.
  • Visual and graphical reports.
  • Drive Image backups.
  • Full backups.
  • Differential backups.
  • Incremental backups.
  • Mirror backups.
  • pCloud Integration.
  • Dropbox Integration.
  • Google Drive Integration.
  • FTP/FTPS support.
  • Open minimized at Windows startup.
  • Minimize to the system tray while dormant.
  • Import/export backup jobs.
  • Import/export settings.
  • Import/export backups.
  • Backup to a local and/or removable disk.
  • Backup to network drives.
  • Extensive backup job customization.
  • Pre/post backup actions.
  • Event-based backups.
  • File/folder filters.
  • Backup tests.
  • Backup encryption support.
  • Notification silent mode.
  • Command-line options.