Join our translation project!

We’re extremely passionate about creating easy to use, accessible and efficient backup software and we’d love to offer our backup software to everyone in his/her native language. 

IvyBackup is already available in many popular languages such as Italian, German, French and Russian. Thanks to the help of our great volunteer translators we’re looking forward to further translations, which will be released with upcoming versions of IvyBackup.

If you’d like to improve an existing translation or suggest a new language translation entirely, you’ve come to the right place.

The steps involved in improving a translation include:

  1.  You will need to use a free translation software called PoEdit that you can download here:
  2.  Once installed, select Open from the PoEdit menu and load the translations file. ( xx_XX.po )
  3.  From then on, you may translate as much as you can. When you are satisfied, click the Save option in PoEdit.
  4.  PoEdit will save your progress and also create an additional file – – the file that is usually installed with IvyBackup.
  5.  If you would like to test your work or see  how the translations look in IvyBackup, copy the created file ( ) to the IvyBackup installation folder and replace the existing file in the language folder. This is usually:

C:\Program Files (x86)\IvyBackup4\locales\xx

6. When you are done, email your saved work i.e. the xx_XX.po file to

Translation files

The following are the translation files for the existing languages:

  1. German translation file – de_DE.po – 27{56e20dd5a55359330b4b250b452a3743a77a7a23150d339ce2aca447d12630e1} Complete
  2. French translation file – fr_FR.po – 81{56e20dd5a55359330b4b250b452a3743a77a7a23150d339ce2aca447d12630e1} Complete
  3. Italian translation file – it_IT.po – 83{56e20dd5a55359330b4b250b452a3743a77a7a23150d339ce2aca447d12630e1} Complete
  4. Russian translation file – ru_RU.po – 77{56e20dd5a55359330b4b250b452a3743a77a7a23150d339ce2aca447d12630e1} Complete
  5. Polish translation file – pl_PL.po – 83{56e20dd5a55359330b4b250b452a3743a77a7a23150d339ce2aca447d12630e1} Complete
  6. Turkish translation file – tr_TR.po – 92{56e20dd5a55359330b4b250b452a3743a77a7a23150d339ce2aca447d12630e1} Complete
  7. Chinese (Taiwan) translation file – zh_TW.po – 83{56e20dd5a55359330b4b250b452a3743a77a7a23150d339ce2aca447d12630e1} Complete

Last updated: 23/03/2021

If you’d like to suggest a new language translation, simply send an email to

What is your benefit?

To express our gratitude, we do provide a free license once your translation is adopted. If you like, we will also display your name in the translations credits section of the application.