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How do I edit a backup job?

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To edit a backup job, you can:

  • Select the option from the ribbon menu:
    • Home -> Edit Job
  • Use the keyboard shortcut: CTRL+E
  • Select a job from the job manager, right-click it to bring up the edit menu, and select the Edit Job option.

Once that’s done, the new job window opens up:


Every job requires a title. You can also provide additional information such as a description and select the type of backup: either drive image or files/folders.


To run a backup job automatically, you can create a schedule or add an event.


To run a task before or after a backup, add an action.

IvyBackup currently supports the following actions: shutdown, sign out, hibernate, rush activity, and custom commands.


To include or exclude certain files/folders from your backup add a filter rule.

You can include or exclude files based on file type, file size or exact file.


To change the backup source ( files/folders or hard drive ) select the Manage Sources button.

To change the backup destination, select the Browse button under Local Storage.

To upload a copy of your backup to an online storage service ( Dropbox, pCloud, Google Drive, or Microsoft OneDrive) click on the Select Account button under each service.